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Andy’s RPM Challenge album (written, recorded etc during February 2011) can be enjoyed/endured here for free:
(along with his Feb ‘09, and Feb ‘10 efforts).
Three albums surely warrants a Greatest Hits tour.

Lessons We Learned!

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Andy ‘did’ the RPM challenge this february, here is an edit of one of his songs from that month (featuring Sarah Marshall).

Format Wars: Boxes of Music.


Whilst some people might choose to release music on wilfully anachronistic media … as delightful and whimsical that music is, the choice of cassette as the distributed format will inevitably limit the number of people that can enjoy it (notwithstanding the ubiquitous youtube).
… or perhaps I have mis-judged, and audio cassette is the future.  I am [...]

Happy Feat.

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If you recall, Andy provided a slightly twisted little song (Happy Families Fade) for the Very Us Artist’s My First Sing-Along Dictionary album in February.
Andy has roped Sarah into his dodgy affairs and together they have giggled a lot and recorded a song ‘Anonymous’ as the prize to a competition based on this amazing caption:

Can you [...]

Dr. Mario made me do it…

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…or “How I Ended Up Writing A Solo Album”.
When it was released in 2006, I got the book “Game On! From Pong to Oblivion, The 50 Greatest Video Games Of All Time”.  I quite like videogames, but am certainly not interested (or rich) enough to buy new releases, so this book seemed to offer an [...]


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Still not caught up on the recording side.  But am going great guns on writing.
Cavalcade 5 and 6 written, and recorded to some degree.
In other news I am progressing reasonably well over at the RPM Challenge.  Head on over if you are interested.

Side Projects.

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For all the love we (the individuals) have for ButterflyPolite there are other things that also take up our time.  What with the butterfly effect all of the things we do in some way affect other things, and these in turn affect the others.
As well as continuing the Cavalcade of BP songs, I have also [...]