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Andy’s RPM Challenge album (written, recorded etc during February 2011) can be enjoyed/endured here for free:
(along with his Feb ‘09, and Feb ‘10 efforts).
Three albums surely warrants a Greatest Hits tour.

Dr. Mario made me do it…

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…or “How I Ended Up Writing A Solo Album”.
When it was released in 2006, I got the book “Game On! From Pong to Oblivion, The 50 Greatest Video Games Of All Time”.  I quite like videogames, but am certainly not interested (or rich) enough to buy new releases, so this book seemed to offer an [...]


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Still not caught up on the recording side.  But am going great guns on writing.
Cavalcade 5 and 6 written, and recorded to some degree.
In other news I am progressing reasonably well over at the RPM Challenge.  Head on over if you are interested.