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A - Z of buying music.

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ZZ Top are not a band I think about particularly often. If I should win Pop-Master, and be presented with ZZ Top as a three-in-ten to win the digital radio, the digital radio is safe (“Erm… Legs … Gimme all your lovin’… erm erm “), but they are a good marker for ‘alphabetically last’. “From [...]

Lessons We Learned!

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Andy ‘did’ the RPM challenge this february, here is an edit of one of his songs from that month (featuring Sarah Marshall).

Format Wars: Boxes of Music.


Whilst some people might choose to release music on wilfully anachronistic media … as delightful and whimsical that music is, the choice of cassette as the distributed format will inevitably limit the number of people that can enjoy it (notwithstanding the ubiquitous youtube).
… or perhaps I have mis-judged, and audio cassette is the future.  I am [...]

Killing Music.

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I thought home taping had already killed music.
This week, for the first time in some years, I bought a new album on tape - Peter Wyeth’s album “Safe, Sweet, Happy Journeys”, and lovely it is too - being as beautiful and delicate as Peter always is, and as hissy as tapes always were.
I thoroughly appreciate [...]

Looking Down, Getting Up, Sounding Off

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We ran through some ‘oldies’ whilst at the studio, just for the simple joy of playing ‘em. Here is “If he’s looking down” (the original of which can be found on the ‘busrting bubbles ep’).
On my laptop speakers this sounds a bit ‘trebly’ to me.  But maybe it’s because I am playing the [...]