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Brakes and Breaks.


Progress with all things BP is slow at the moment.  Our forward momentum can feel like that of a car with the engine of a 2CV but equiped with Rolls Royce brakes.
Real life (TM) is a particular culprit in getting in the way, always limiting the amount of time available to devote to the Wonderful World Of ButterflyPolite.  It is [...]

Come with me…

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…and you’ll be…


Happy Feat.

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If you recall, Andy provided a slightly twisted little song (Happy Families Fade) for the Very Us Artist’s My First Sing-Along Dictionary album in February.
Andy has roped Sarah into his dodgy affairs and together they have giggled a lot and recorded a song ‘Anonymous’ as the prize to a competition based on this amazing caption:

Can you [...]

Art for arts sake; cross my palm with silver.

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Caravaggio, as we all know, executed two versions of his painting The Fortune Teller :
Without being the ones to compare ourselves to the Italian baroque master painter, the similarities are too obvious to ignore.  Firstly there is the fact the we also loosely work in the baroque pop mould.  And (as if that were not [...]

February’s Single.

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February’s single is a special Valentine’s edition, for lovers who like strings.  There’s oodles of strings on the brand-spanking-new song ‘Look At Me Now’ , and as a B-side there’s a little unreleased gem from the ButetrflyPolite vaults … Sarah plus string Quartet doing the song ‘James’ (originally found on the album Http).

Listen/download from http://butterflypolite.bandcamp.com/album/look-at-me-now-c-w-james

January’s Single.

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Apologies to our members in Fiji, for there it is already February, and this post is late. This is partly your own fault for living in the future. For the rest of us it is still January, and with that comes January’s single…
Laid In Grass by ButterflyPolite
Laid In Grass - a dream like [...]

Xmas Single!

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Having watched Rage Against The Machine romp home to the no.1 spot this yule, we’ve decided to enter the race quite very late with The Christmas E.P. a special bumper edition in our year of monthly songs.
Christmastime (is a time to be polite) kicks off, a seasonal song to sing whilst roasting your chestnuts on [...]

Cover Version.

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Just to quell the rumours that have been setting the internet aflame…

This is ‘Pregnant’ by R.Kelly

This is ‘Pregnant’ by ButterflyPolite (from the long forgotten album http)

They are not the same song.

Am I God?

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Am I God?
Captioned video of the song from The Mess We Made.

New single!

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Eyes Tight Shut c/w R.E.S.P.E.C.T.E.T.C. is the second in the year of ButterflyPolite singles.
…and is available here for the princely some of one english pound.  (a.k.a. £1)
Eyes tight shut has been a live favourite for a while - and always causes some embarrassment with it’s awkward ‘U’ sound in the title for Andy to try [...]