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Sugar Sugar!

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We’d just like to point out that ButterflyPolite are in no way associated with Silver Spoon, despite the appearance of their new packaging.

Short Notice.

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Tonight (19th August), Sarah & Andy are popping along to The Musician (Clyde St, Leics) to do a short ButterflyPolite set (a set-ette?) at the ‘Here Come The Girls’ event.

We’ll be on about 10pm.  Come along and mention today’s secret word (”BumbleBee”) to receive a free hug.  (From Andy)

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Come with me…

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…and you’ll be…



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Spent the day composing and demoing new song ideas today.  Whilst there is something pleasing about finishing a piece, and having something to say ‘this is my thing that I have created for the world’*, there is something absolutely magical about where the germs of ideas come from.  Does one have a finite number of melodies and chord progressions to draw upon, and can this run dry?  Does the development of skills and knowledge as one composes means that whilst the well is being taken from, it is also being filled up from other directions?  I do not know.  I do know that I am pleased with ‘Accouterments & Ephemera’ (working title) and, for now, that is enough.

*I suspect this is akin to raising a child, or leaving a rabbit dropping.

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Just a quickie.  We’ve got a new facebook page for you to ‘like’ and you can follow our rampant tweeting at @butterflypolite because social networking is apparently ‘the modern way’ (of wasting time).

If you are so inclined then both our twitter and this site generate RSS feeds you can use in your favourite reader.  If you don’t understand this sentence, then do not worry - it just means you may have friends and a social life instead.

Years ago I used to make band newsletters using a typewriter, scissors, glue and trips to a photocopy shop, or use my hand cranked Gestetner mimeograph, that I would post to people on a real mailing list.  Happy inky-fingered days.

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Free bag type thing.

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Right, this is a bit complicated, but if I have understood this correctly then you can get our lovely messenger bag

… for free, if you spend £40 or more at our merchandise shop.

Use the voucher code ADDONFREE at the checkout (valid until 30th July).

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We would like everyone observe a minute of silence as the music review website ‘‘ disappears today.

ButterflyPolite had received some lovely (and scathing) reviews on that website, so we are saddened (and delighted) so see it go.

Fear not, our songs that formerly lived on the gb website, can be found here:

Just Tell Me To Stop  (Which had a gb rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars)
Laid In Grass  (Which, eerily, also had a gb rating 4.3 out of 5 stars)

As gb has gone, feel free to leave your heartfelt-congratulations/personal-attacks in the comments section of this post.

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New Free Single!

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…which will be available as a for-free-legal download shortly.

For now, you can enjoy it in all its silly playschool glory at

As mentioned previously, ButterflyPolite supplied this song as the prize to the My First Dictionary caption competition.  Congratulations to Richard Smith who wrote the (slightly sinister) ‘Anonymous’ definition which we then turned into a children’s song heard here.

As you well know, we are usually an utterly po-faced and serious affair with nary a flicker of humour on our collective stoney faces, so this was somewhat of a departure for us.  As we grow older this kind of light relief is needed in order to justify our claims that they are ‘laughter lines’ and not ‘wrinkles’

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Happy Feat.

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If you recall, Andy provided a slightly twisted little song (Happy Families Fade) for the Very Us Artist’s My First Sing-Along Dictionary album in February.

Andy has roped Sarah into his dodgy affairs and together they have giggled a lot and recorded a song ‘Anonymous’ as the prize to a competition based on this amazing caption:
Can you guess how the song might sound?

Find out next week!  When the song, feat. Sarah is released/unleashed.

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Gig alert!

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Saturday 19th June.

Fabrika, Humberstone Gate, Leicester.

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