On this page you can listen to The Mess We Made and Bursting Bubbles EP in their entirety, and the monthly digital singles as they arrive. Use the download button to buy the mp3 albums from us, or CLICK HERE for info on buying physical CDs.

LOOK AT ME NOW c/w JAMES (string quartet version) (digital single no.06)
<a href="">Look At Me Now by ButterflyPolite</a>

LAID IN GRASS c/w LAST FOREVER (new version) (digital single no.05)

THE CHRISTMAS E.P. (digital single no.04)

IF NOT TONIGHT c/w IF HE’S LOOKING DOWN (new version) (digital single no.03)

EYES TIGHTS SHUT c/w R.E.S.P.E.C.T.E.T.C. (new version) (digital single no.02)

IF YOU REPEAT c/w UNNATURAL SELECTION (new version) (digital single no.01)

THE MESS WE MADE (11 track album)

BURSTING BUBBLES (5 track e.p.)

… and the following tracks can be downloaded for free:

  • Ex-Lover (unreleased String Quartet Version)
  • Laid In Grass (Live At The Paddocks)
  • Un-Natural Selection (from the Bursting Bubbles EP*)
  • Last Forever (from TheMessWeMade CD*)
  • Feel free to copy them to CD, your mp3 player, or host them on your websites. Or use them as the music on the menu of the new computer game or feature film you are making. It’d be polite to let us know, and credit us if you do that.