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ButterTweets are go (2.0).

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I admit it, someone pointed out that our experiment in ButterflyPolite twittering had been silent for a long time, so I have resurrected it and embedded its content on the side of the ButterflyPolite webpage thus proving what a www.hero I am.

Messing around with php code is just how I like to spend my time.*
*This is a lie.

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Ou est ma website?

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Hands up if you noticed the ButterflyPolite website was missing for about 20minutes earlier today.


That’s what happens if you don’t pay your web hosting bills.  Oops.


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We’ve been drowning in the floods of spam replies to comments.  I have deleted about 120 in the past 24hours, and (subsequently) installed a spam filter*.  The forum has also had lots of people-who-aren’t-people-but-are-in-fact-adverts sign up.  What a pain in the bum it is to sift through them.  This is time I should be spending making music.


Anyway, this has had me mulling on the nature of spam, and why it exists. 

- Does anyone actually follow the links?

- Do they then buy the discount herbal medicines?

- Do the items arrive?

- At what point does a company decide that this is a good marketing tool.  Is it true that if you world wide websling enough poop, some of it will stick?


Feel free to comment, and redress the CONTENT:SPAM ratio.

A Funny Thing Happened…

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…on the way to the forum.

The ButterflyPolite Super Happy Forum has a new section - the “Super Happy Secret Stash” where registered users can download exclusive mp3s, and read and write nasty things about the non-registered users.

Becoming a registered user will make you 120% more attractive to the opposite sex, increase your IQ, decrease your cholesterol and generally be super good for you.  It is also free, and allows you to post in our discussion forums (which debate such high brow things as the relative merits of different Muller Corner flavours).

Pop over to

Welcome back….

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Have you missed us?

Gremlins, Bugs, Hacks, Swine Flu.  Call it what you will, but the website had caught it!  Fortunately a stay in Web Hospital and all is well again.

I can’t imagine it was actually inconvenient for anyone - but if so I sincerely apologise.  Sincerely.  Honestly I do.  With all the Chocolates and Flowers I can muster.


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ButterflyPolite seems to be have flagged as ‘dangerous’ by Google.  I will try to rectify this.

…and a facebook group too.

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Continuing the exciting cyber-progress of ButterflyPolite, we now have a FACEBOOK GROUP.  If you are a bit of a luddite you could instead join our e-mail list by mailing HERE.

Website Overhaul

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ButterflyPolite has had a fresh lick of paint behind the scenes. (i.e. undercoat).

This cyber decorating means that we can TWITTER, provide you with an RSS feed, and invite you to our FORUM to discuss this that and the other.

There is no excuse not to know what we are up to.


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Revamping all things webly for ButterflyPolite. This is not as exciting as one might think.


We now have a Twitter ( ) where you can “follow us”.  This is akin to stalking, but in a very cyber ‘lightweight’ way.  ButterflyPolite are of the opinion that stalking should be done by sitting with binoculars and a notepad in the dark for hours upon end.

If our geek-chic skills are working then Tweets and Blog postings should appear on both media (and the RSS feed).  How web two dot oh are we?

Back once again…

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Any recent visitors will have seen that I have (1) broken, and (2) fixed, the website.  These two tasks were more time consuming than I’d like - especially the second one - but I am not one to complain.*

The good news is that the emails are working again, including for contacting us.

* I am. Viz, the website management was arduous and invisible to the visitor. Akin to replacing underlay.