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High Score Musical

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Can you keep a secret?

Andy and Sarah, along with Howard Rose have been working on a musical - and they are previewing a few of the songs at Geek 2012 (in Margate) this Saturday (18th Feb, 5pm) if you find yourself nearby.

“High Score Musical : An 8-Bit Rom Com” is a new musical looking at the halcyon days of arcade rivalry, playground piracy and first love.  We’re very proud of how it is shaping up, and are currently looking for help to make it actually happen.  One of the ways you could help is by pledging (technically pre-ordering the soundtrack album) at our wefund page here.

We’ll keep you posted!

Lessons We Learned!

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Andy ‘did’ the RPM challenge this february, here is an edit of one of his songs from that month (featuring Sarah Marshall).

Brakes and Breaks.


Progress with all things BP is slow at the moment.  Our forward momentum can feel like that of a car with the engine of a 2CV but equiped with Rolls Royce brakes.

Real life (TM) is a particular culprit in getting in the way, always limiting the amount of time available to devote to the Wonderful World Of ButterflyPolite.  It is particularly frustrating to feel limited to squeezing art into the timetabled breaks of normality.

It is with this in mind, that we are open to offers of becoming patronised artists.  We absolutely see no conflict of artistic integrity should anyone wish to finance us whilst we create music.  The Sistine Chapel was painted as a commission for the Pope.  We’d be happy to be on payroll doing something of a similar scale from … well, pretty much anybody.  We will not let morals get in our way.

Sugar Sugar!

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We’d just like to point out that ButterflyPolite are in no way associated with Silver Spoon, despite the appearance of their new packaging.

Happy Feat.

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If you recall, Andy provided a slightly twisted little song (Happy Families Fade) for the Very Us Artist’s My First Sing-Along Dictionary album in February.

Andy has roped Sarah into his dodgy affairs and together they have giggled a lot and recorded a song ‘Anonymous’ as the prize to a competition based on this amazing caption:
Can you guess how the song might sound?

Find out next week!  When the song, feat. Sarah is released/unleashed.

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ButterTweets are go (2.0).

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I admit it, someone pointed out that our experiment in ButterflyPolite twittering had been silent for a long time, so I have resurrected it and embedded its content on the side of the ButterflyPolite webpage thus proving what a www.hero I am.

Messing around with php code is just how I like to spend my time.*
*This is a lie.

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Art for arts sake; cross my palm with silver.

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Caravaggio, as we all know, executed two versions of his painting The Fortune Teller :

Fortune Teller (1594)

Fortune Teller (1594)

Fortune Teller (1595)

Fortune Teller (1595)

Without being the ones to compare ourselves to the Italian baroque master painter, the similarities are too obvious to ignore.  Firstly there is the fact the we also loosely work in the baroque pop mould.  And (as if that were not enough) we also made two versions of a piece of art - our song (Laid In Grass) - both incarnations of which appeared on a recent digital single.

One of these versions is to awarded the Acoustic Track Of The Week all next week from the 31st May on  (Thus featuring in their podcast, and feature pages).  How do we know this in advance you ask?  Let us just say that Caravaggio is not the only one with a Fortune Teller.

Feel free to pop over there, read some nice reviews, read some scathing reviews, and then come back here for more art history lessons.

February’s Single.

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February’s single is a special Valentine’s edition, for lovers who like strings.  There’s oodles of strings on the brand-spanking-new song ‘Look At Me Now’ , and as a B-side there’s a little unreleased gem from the ButetrflyPolite vaults … Sarah plus string Quartet doing the song ‘James’ (originally found on the album Http).

Listen/download from

January’s Single.

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Apologies to our members in Fiji, for there it is already February, and this post is late. This is partly your own fault for living in the future. For the rest of us it is still January, and with that comes January’s single…

<a href="">Laid In Grass by ButterflyPolite</a>

Laid In Grass - a dream like journey that lyrically tiptoes through some of ButterflyPolite’s darker times.
Laid In Grass - a quite different version, featuring some guest musicians.
Last Forever - a new acoustic version of the song that can be heard on TheMessWeMade recorded during the ‘Swinging From The Gallows’ sessions.

Head over here to purchase.

P.s. With this release being a super-extra-value-three-track single, does it have an A-side, a B-side and a Sea-side?

Xmas Single!

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Having watched Rage Against The Machine romp home to the no.1 spot this yule, we’ve decided to enter the race quite very late with The Christmas E.P. a special bumper edition in our year of monthly songs.

Christmastime (is a time to be polite) kicks off, a seasonal song to sing whilst roasting your chestnuts on an open fire.

Carousels comes next, a dark cautionary tale about the amusement park after hours.

Hope Springs pops up - a live acoustic version from the Swinging At The Gallows sessions.

…and lastly, at no extra cost, Christmastime - karaoke version. Ideal for those Christmas Parties.

The whole EP only costs £1, and the karaoke version is a free download. That’s the spirit of Christmas right there!