Herrick Theatre

Herrick Theatre are a friendly Leicester based amateur dramatic group, based in Leicester, and open to all (generally 16+). We perform annual Christmas productions at the Guidhall (Leicester), and have regular workshops, irregular productions and social events.

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Previous Shows And Events

Herrick Theatre have a tradition of successful Christmas plays at the Guildhall, Leicester:

| Cinderella! (2017)
| Alice (in Wonderland) (2016)
| A Christmas Carol (2015)
| Sherlock and the Ruby Affair (2014)
| Lashings of Ginger Beer (2013)
| Dream On! The Sleeping Beauty Story (2012)
| The Merrie Winter's Tale! (2011)
| The Pinocchio Show (2010)
| The Pied Piper: A Rat's Tale (2009)
| Aladin - An Arabian Fantasy (2008)
| Robin Hood (2007)
| Cinders!
| Canterbury Tales
| Red Riding Hood
| A Christmas Carol
| Sherlock Holmes
| Micklemas Magick

Herrick Theatre also have a long history of one act plays, as part of the All England One Act Play Festival, including Herrick Theatre's award winning productions of:

| Conversation Sinfonietta (Jean Tardieu)
| Ernie's Incredible Illucinations (Alan Ayckbourn)
| The Apollo Society (Jean Tardieu)

Herrick Theatre are also committed to a varied programme of workshops, poetry and prose events and skills sharing sessions, including recent residental workshops and masterclasses.

Herrick Theatre Poetry and Prose Group

In 2000 six members of Herrick Theatre decided to form a poetry and prose group. The idea being that members would prepare readings on different subjects which could be presented in the city and the country to Women’s Institutes, church groups, fund raising groups, Mothers’ Unions etc. All we would need was a semi circle of friendly listeners and maybe a cup of tea and a chat after the performance! Sometimes we include a well known song oror chorus and invite the audience to join in.

We have been presenting these readings from time to time ever since then and now have a list of 14 titles which we are constantly revising and renewing. We particularly like to include poems by members and their friends and will introduce the poems with personal reminiscences a little like the ‘With great pleasure’ programme on Radio 4.

Poetry and Prose Programmes currently available:

| Kings and Queens
| Country folk
| All through the night
| Journeys
| The learning curve
| Words for Winter
| Christmas readings and hand dances
| November
| The seven ages of woman | Uncles and aunts
| A Christmas collage
| Water
| From Autumn to Advent
| In preparation – Childhood revisited


For enquiries regarding bookings, or becoming part of Herrick Theatre, contact:

Email info@herricktheatre.co.uk

Herrick Theatre are always looking for new members to become part of productions in an acting or technical capacity.

Yearly membership costs £20 per adult, or £30 per family.
Rehearsals are generally Tuesday evenings, and some weekends.